How to build a stress-free consultancy [MASTERCLASS]

Leaving my full-time job to become a consultant/freelancer seemed like the only option I had when I was trying to balance my life as a new mom and career in marketing. I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility to live life on my own terms, but to not have to sacrifice my career to […]

Resources for moms looking for flexible/remote job options

If you’re anything like me, becoming a mom has caused you to re-think your priorities. Recently, I wrote a blog post about how starting my own business as a consultant has allowed me the flexibility, income, and freedom I fantasized about while sitting in my cubicle. It’s not that moms don’t want to work hard […]

Why consulting is the perfect career choice for moms

Just two years ago, I became a mom–and it changed everything. Suddenly, going to work from 9-5 5 days a week seemed like torture. I missed my baby and I felt immense guilt about leaving her every day. Weekends were a race around town to get errands done, clean the house, and prep for the […]