Your email marketing partner

I’m a nonprofit email marketing consultant who’s a force for good–using my skills and experience to inspire generosity around the world.

Hey friend! I’m Katelyn.

A digital marketing manager turned consultant who is passionate about helping nonprofits move their mission forward through email marketing.

I remember feeling overwhelmed by my growing to-do list, limited budget and support, and feeling like I was always behind on the latest tech and marketing best practices.

I recall wanting so badly an expert to handle email marketing. Someone to help make my big ideas come to life. Someone experienced who could take the day-to-day responsibilities off my plate, so I could focus on strategy.

So I become that someone.

I make your job easier. I’m the experienced email marketing partner you can trust to grow your ROI with email marketing.

I’ve helped some of the most well-known nonprofits with campaigns that have raised millions.  And while I have experience with all marketing verticals, I have a true passion for email.

Why? I ❤️ 📧:

  1. It has the highest ROI. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36. That’s a higher return than you can expect from any other form of marketing.
  2. You can “set it and forget it” with simple automated email series. So when you get busy (and I know you do!) you can rest assured knowing your email ecosystem is working in the background.
  3. You own your list – and it’s free! So when digital advertising gets more expensive, and people leave social, you still have a single source of truth and a way to communicate with your people.


Don’t sleep on delegation. Get some things off your plate and on to mine. You deserve some relief so you can get back to why you started this meaningful work in the first place.

Learn more about my perspective on nonprofit email marketing. Check out my podcast interviews on We Are For Good, The Influential Nonprofit, What the Fundraising, and Missions to Movements.

Values that lead me


Think big

Just because nonprofits have limited resources, doesn't mean they should think small. Innovation is always a priority and I love to help implement new & fresh ideas.


Follow the data

We should never assume, and data doesn't lie–it tells us a story. That's why I bring a data-driven approach to all of my work and recommendations.


Partners, not clients

I choose my client's carefully because I'm often an extension of their staff. Clients become my partners and friends, and I care about them a lot.


Always Growing

Marketing and technology are ever-changing. In order to provide my clients with the latest innovative solutions, I prioritize learning & development.

I help nonprofit marketers get out of the weeds, get things done, and get real results with email marketing.

See ideas come to life

There’s nothing that together, we can’t figure out. See how we help nonprofits make an impact with digital marketing and email marketing.

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