Hi! I'm Katelyn.

I work with nonprofits and businesses who are doing good in the world to develop online marketing strategies that make an impact.

I’m not an expert in one area or platform. I’m a strategist who knows how to connect the dots holistically across channels to drive awareness and clicks, build community, read analytics and report ROI.

Outside of running my business, you can find me with my two daughters, walking around my neighborhood while avidly listening to podcasts, or baking chocolate chip cookies (I’m still searching for the perfect recipe!). 

I’m constantly sharpening my skills, and have completed several certifications including;  Georgetown’s Digital Marketing Certification, Hubspot Acadamy’s Inbound Marketing Certification, Google’s Advanced Google Analytics and AdWords certifications.



"Katelyn’s ability to take any project we gave her and run with it was so beneficial to this organization and is an invaluable quality for all of her future endeavors. Katelyn earns my highest recommendation."
- Jennie Lucca, CEO, The Children's Inn
"Katelyn is a true gem! She provided so much value at a critical point in our business. Specifically, her analysis and recommendations were data-driven and she explained the intricacies of digital marketing to us so we could understand it and make informed decisions about our strategy. Katelyn challenged some of our assumptions while still remaining the utmost professional - always with the objective to help us be successful. On top of her knowledge and expertise in the field, she easily folded in as a team member so we could have honest dialogue and stay productive. Most importantly - based on her efforts and guidance - the MotherNation community grew! "​

- Adrienne Prentice, Founder, MotherNation
"Katelyn has been an instrumental adviser for our communications shop as we developed a strategy to organize our supporter/subscriber/donor data and migrate to a new database. Katelyn's digital marketing expertise was crucial in selecting the database best suited for our current needs and long-term goals. To clean up our data, she developed a comprehensive plan and timeline, and provided frequent and helpful project updates as she progressed through the project phases. She is flexible and willing to support the team wherever needed. I highly recommend working with Katelyn!" ​

- Melissa Canu, Sr. Communications Associate, CHANGE

Let's work together!

Located in the D.C. Metro Area hello@katelynbaughan.com 301-928-0464