Social and digital media are extremely valuable in today’s ever-connected world. It’s important for nonprofit organizations to embrace social media’s role in raising awareness, building and connecting with communities, and most importantly, raising funds. I developed The Children’s Inn at NIH’s social media strategy which included a policy and guidelines, rules of engagement, resources, budget, and metrics. Having a written strategy ensures all stakeholders are in agreement and helps to keep all digital work consistent and measurable.


  1. Analyze social media platforms
  2. Identify social media goals
  3. Create strategy
  4. Measure & Report


As digital media manager, I was responsible for monitoring, engaging, advertising, and reporting on all social media platforms. In order to create compelling content for social media, I first had to analyze existing data to better understand the audience on each platform.

For The Children’s Inn, it was obvious that Facebook was the best performing platform because it had the highest engagement, referrals to the website, and donations. Therefore, most of our efforts and advertising budget were focused on Facebook.

Hootsuite and Mention were helpful social tools for scheduling posts and monitoring accounts so I could respond to supporters in a timely manner. A monthly social media content calendar and report were created and used to lead strategy and new initiatives.


Growth in social community


1 New Facebook Group, 4 new platforms added, and $62,448 raised!