Hey, I'm Katelyn...

I’m the founder of KB Digital, a two-person digital marketing consultancy helping nonprofits acquire and retain supporters through digital marketing strategies. 

I was working in-house as a digital marketing manager for a nonprofit when I had my first baby and embarked on my new job as mom. Choosing between work and  family was not an option for me, so I launched my own business that promotes work-life peace with a people-first approach to business.   

In 2018 Katelyn Baughan LLC was launched so I could partner with with nonprofit marketers and help them put all the pieces of the digital puzzle together to make an impact in the world. In 2021 I brought on my partner Emily, who with an agency background, has brought so much experience and ambition to the table.

In the past 3 years, I have helped more than 15 mid-sized nonprofits raise over $5M online and nurture meaningful relationships with supporters, resulting in an increase in new donor acquisition and recurring revenue.

My passion is helping make the world a better place through really thoughtful marketing strategies that are data-driven and touch every phase in the supporter’s journey.

Want to know how we can work together? Shoot me an email: hello@katelynbaughan.com