Marketing has changed significantly in the past decade. Technology has evolved and consumers are smarter. They expect good, relevant, and personalized relationships, rather than disruptive ads. That’s why having an inbound marketing strategy in place is so imperative. 

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing that focuses on growing your business by building meaningful and lasting relationships. It’s about helping people reach their goals no matter where they are in their “journey” with you. 

Visually, there are two ways to understand the inbound methodology: the linear and the funnel. 


The Linear Journey 


The Funnel

The most important thing to note is that consumers will not likely be ready to take action with you right away. They have to know and trust your brand.  So taking them down this carefully crafted and personalized journey will warm them up and eventually get them to take action. 


Here’s an example of a funnel I created for one of my clients:


I hope that the biggest takeaway that you get from this is that you have to have a strategy in place. You cannot simply post to social media or send a few emails and hope that you’ll get conversions. 

Some questions to ask yourself, what’s your overall goal? How are you going to get there, what platforms will you use, and how will you know how you’re successful or not? Target KPI’s should be agreed upon prior to any launch or campaign. 

Read my blog post on how to create a simple digital marketing strategy to get a more detailed roadmap, and as always, reach out to me at if you have any questions!


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